Hands on My Shoulders

It was a little over twenty years ago. We were standing in the upstairs bathroom, you and I, as I tried to look in the mirror and put on a face that would be presentable to the outside world. Inside I was falling apart but I wanted so badly to give the appearance that I was holding it all together.


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Release (Five Minute Friday)

Two songs could easily describe my struggles lately. One old and one new but both with similar messages.

LET IT GO... such a catchy tune but so hard to do in real life. Why can’t I seem to let go of the things I need to in my life? Why do I hold on so tightly? I can’t seem

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The Storm


I come by my love of storms quite honestly. Whenever we felt the winds growing stronger and the sky was getting darker, my mom and sisters and I would gather on the front porch and watch as the sky lit up with lightening and the trees swayed in the yard.  When the thunder boomed we would cover

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The beautifully scarred Bride

I came across these words recently and I have not been able to forget them. They stirred up feelings in me that I cannot just push down or ignore. It seems I cannot rest until I put them down here and share them with you. Maybe they are meant to help one of you, or maybe they are for me alone and

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Five Minute Friday- Jump

I spent my summers as a teen working in a little ice cream stand.  Those were days filled with friends, sun, watching movies, and going to work.  We had fun there, laughing and singing to the radio as we scooped ice cream and filled orders.  One summer, in particular, I remember the song “Jump&#8221

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Five Minute Friday- Here

Here. Such a small word but such huge meaning in my life.  I have struggled with this word.  Wrestled with it.  Tried to understand it.  Accept it.  Change it.

So many times and places I wished to be there, not here.  Somewhere else.  Somewhere new.  Somewhere easier. But not here.  Here

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Five Minute Friday- Broken

Broken.  The world we live in teaches us that broken means ruined.  Broken means worthless.  There is no use for the broken things of life.  They may as well be discarded like the morning trash.  We throw off the broken things and people and move on to the new.

Broken.  Only the upside down message

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I remember a hot night in August when we drove to the hospital so that labor could be induced and how I labored all the next day so that I could meet you.  You came with screaming and wailing and my life was never the same.  Those blue eyes that looked at me and I knew life would never be about

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Facing Change and Letting Go

This new year has snuck up on me and I’ve been living in a bit of denial that it’s here.  Not that 2012 was so awesome that I want to stay there or anything, but because 2013 brings with it big changes in our family.  They aren’t bad changes.  Just changes.  And who really likes

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Breath of Heaven

Christmas… a beloved season for so many, including me.  I love the way life stops and we have permission to just be… to be with our families, to be quiet, to be merry, to be like a child, to be a believer of miracles, to be in awe of the gift of our Savior once again.

But sometimes

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